Pre & Post wedding


Destination pre-wedding

From ‘once upon a time’, to ‘lived happily ever after’ we bring to you the entire story, based on some specific destination. The destination, here, is what we call, ‘the significant third’.

Real Story Base

When it’s love, it has to be beautiful. Saptapadi photography goes an extra mile to recreate that situation which brought the two people into each other’s life, for the very first time. The real feelings and expressions are priceless to freeze.

Theme Inspiration

Our pictures draws inspiration from a wide array of themes. These themes could range from the mountains to the seas, or from individual passion to that of a zamindar house. Any particular theme, gives that extra edge to a wedding tale.


Now that the knot has been tied, we focus on how each is casting its influence on the other. Precisely, we try to find out who the real boss is! Post-wedding photographs are more fun, as the fine thread of hesitation takes a backseat.

Pre & Postwedding

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