Family portrait shoot

There is no one in the entire world that one can fall back on, except one’s family. We strive to bring out those moments which would be cherished long after. Family portrait shoots are small steps to bring everyone under one roof. That one picture on the wall is sure to bring in a flood of memories, right?


It is always a delight to watch your child take the first grain of rice. The little one graduates from milk to food that elders eat. This is probably the best moment for parents. We, here, make this auspicious day, even more memorable; so much so, that you’ll love to flip through the album pages time and again.


This is perhaps that one day, which keeps coming every year. A day that has innumerable emotions attached. At Saptapadi Photography, we bring out those finest, emotional moments to life. This is indeed, the best day in one’s life.

Baby Shoot

They are indeed the best objects for photography. With expression galore, that could give a tough match to elders, these little things never fail to disappoint. We seize these moments and make them priceless. The baby grows up to find a treasure.


The young boy experiences what it is to be a hermit, for a couple of days. With a shaven head, a stick in his hand and a thread across his torso, the boy takes on his journey of being a Brahmin. Saptapadi Photography gets involved in each detail to bring out the best possible result.

Miscellaneous Gallery

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