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To walk along that path that has never been treaded before. To do something that has never been tried before and to carve a place for ourselves in the genre of photography, in a manner that has never been thought-of before.


KISS. Yes that’s what our mission is precisely. We at Saptapadi Photography love to Keep It Smart yet Simple. Our valued clients become our family at the end of the day. We go great lengths to know exactly what they want, which makes our job simple.


Usually unique; because each couple has a different story to tell. We make it a point to discuss thoroughly with our individual clients, about how they want their special day to be framed. Our team is open to all suggestions and improvisation from our clients’ ends. Every project, big or small, gets the same undivided and unprejudiced attention and dedication, which is what sets our approach apart from others.

Amit Kundu

One of the creative minds behind Saptapadi Photography. Having a degree in multimedia and later a career as in video editing has paved the way to start his brainchild – Saptapadi Photography. He specializes in still photography and video editing, with several years of experience and varied clientele.

Tinku Ghosh

Excelling in capturing moods and moments, she has had her pictures put up in some of the finest exhibitions in the city. She is the other creative genius behind Saptapadi Photography. She specializes as a still photographer, capturing moods and moments and is an equally talented graphics designer.

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